Absence makes the heart grow fonder

A week of no blogging

It’s just prioritising, Do I wash my hair or write my blog…

It’s really been that busy, and good hair always wins I’m afraid. However, what a corker of a week with work. So many changes happening for the EFFamily (Emspired Fitness Family) GROW GROW GROW baby!

Taking a week out from writing, does absence make the heart grow fonder? Ha ha, yes, I suppose it does! I was gagging to get writing again..

I absolutely loved going to Bodypower, it get’s me so motivated to be surrounded by so many like-minded individuals, all pushing for similar goals. Well, aside from the Perma-tan, fake hair extensions and more lip fillers than you can shake a stick at.. Most of these were in the girls that have no fucking need for all this bull as they’re not even old enough to need anything doing. But the dedication and drive it takes, that is what gives me a kick up the ass.

Thinking about going to this event made me think about my own EFF growth and community.. How could I make it more?

No quick fixes, just actual work

A sense of community, support, similar mindset. All of these help a person reach their goals. My head was swimming with ideas, the online training group I have, needs a boost and it all starts with me.

But I can’t do it alone, I just need to get us moving… BOOM, on to a frikkin winner idea here guy’s as wahhhhhh my hairdressers appointment was not wasted. As I’d come up with some corker ideas for The Take Over Group.

This is my online group, for support, advice, and guidance. Like-minded people all working towards a similar goal.. To be healthier, happier, and to educate themselves. I see too many online bullshit plans selling the latest diet or pill or juice.. No Bullshit here, just support and the EFFamily working together.

A few day’s in and… SUCCESS, love the injection of passion and now the countdown is on for another challenge, but that’s for another day!


for now, time to kick my own ass and plan my own training as i’ve my own goals to hit.




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