Making Progress

So it’s D- Day

6 weeks ago I gave myself the challenge of showing a close friend that I believed in her! And I knew she could do more…

Now what I mean to say is, The challenge I was taking on was showing my friend that she was eating wrong and training wrong, and I bet her in 6 weeks I would show her a HUGE change, and restore her faith in something she put so much time into and was getting nowhere fast.

HOLY FUCK, what have I done! I have to really pull this out of the bag for her.

I do not doubt my ability to do my job, I believe in myself that I can get her there. But doing this and keeping our friendship intact would be ideal ha ha. I mean this is a HUGE deal, as she was disheartened and needed this boost.

1000 ideas pop into my head, and I get planning for the next 6 weeks of “Test a friendship out”

With that in mind to some of my friends, that’s all I am a friend. To others I’m a friend, a personal trainer, adviser and more.  So as you can imagine it can be difficult at times being friends with people you train, or friends that train elsewhere. Especially when you see them getting nowhere fast. Or you’re about to kill them off with an insane plan.

I can just picture her face now “You are shitting me Emma” With that the gauntlet now laid down I got busy planning the next 6 weeks……18337285_10158511725655386_1588997443_n


I’ve seen it too many times So many women who want to lose weight and going about it the wrong way.

Yo-yo dieting; it’s important you find the right diet for YOU, not a cookie cutter one you’ve found online, that is being used en-mass.

Endless hours of cardio at the gym, or doing a shit load of squats thinking that this is the magic exercise that will “fix it all”, Bullshit I say.

Take some time to get some balance in what you’re doing, focusing on the right mindset spending  more time appreciating yourself instead of hating on yourself. Small changes that will give you 100%  more back.

Don’t spend time hating where you are all the time, and making excuses! CHANGE IT. 

And 40cms loss and over 1stone (14lb) loss so far safe to say she’s smashed it… 




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