Babies, Giving fewer fucks & turning 40

Class as normal today and the first one being the Strongmum class, I have mixed feelings on this one. As I really enjoy it, but my whole existence has been about me not being so fond of children (yes, I’m a parent) But I have never had any maternal drive.. At all.

This is an ongoing joke with my friends, that I’m not keen on kids.. And they’ve always seemed to like me too ha!

However, either my ice cold heart has started to defrost ha ha ha or that mild twitch in my womb, I’m experiencing is my age catching up with me. I am nearly 40 after all!

It’s a strange one, yet it makes me ask what else has changed in the last 10 years? Apart from the added lines on my face that don’t disappear as quickly! I definitely haven’t matured. I’m often told I’m childish, I call it fun ..

What I have found out about getting older;

  • I give fewer fucks
  • I take bigger chances
  • I trust myself more
  • My circle of friends is smaller
  • I swear more
  • I focus on being real, and not trying to impress people all the time
  • Kids don’t offend me as much as they used to
  • I’m more open about my mental health and not embarrassed anymore
  • I have found grey hairs (crying)

Don’t be afraid about getting older, be afraid of using this as an excuse to do naff all with yourself! It’s too easy to blame things on age, and it’s too easy to become lazy..

I have been dreading turning 40 for about 2 years! I mean turning 30 didn’t bother me at all so why should this?

It’s stupid of me to focus on the doom and gloom of hitting another milestone and focus on the fact I’ve some awesome friends and a partner that I will be celebrating in style with.

I’m healthy

I work hard

I’m happy

Why do we focus on the pointless shit that doesn’t even matter! Why do we obsess over the wrong things?

Obsess about happiness, obsess about enjoying your life.. I mean we only get one so why waste it, obsessing over the wrong things?

And continue to be fun, childish and carefree







I just need to get over myself and keep using my magic face cream ha ha




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