Being Slightly Crazy

A million things..

On my list to do (OK slight exaggeration). but which crackpot said working for yourself was easy? challenging maybe, Hard work, fun, working at times you never realised existed before ha ha.. but never easy.

So first job I’m about to start One thousand flyers, yup.. that’s how many flyers I aim to deliver this weekend! God help me. If I gave a crap in general about steps I’d have a health tracker! but, the prospect of how many steps I’m about to take somewhat excites my inner geek and my health app ha ha ha

And back to the task at hand …. Designing the new #Powerkids fitness class,  and asking myself “are you mental!”

Yes, is the honest answer ha ha but seriously, I’m looking forward to the new direction and growth.

The Emspired Fitness team has developed a recent growth! between myself, a friend doing the website side and others proof reading, we are smashing through all the work.

“YASSSSSSSS” crazy dance around the room for 5 minutes excited at the prospect of getting this done aaaaand all I can hear is a crazy rumbling, no it’s not thunder I’ve got slightly carried away with work and realised the time and my body is letting me know. I have just the fix, CAKE.

Get in my belly..

Chia seed muffin goodness, Super easy to make, and a bargain to buy from Bulk Powders. This isn’t a sponsored plug at all, they’re just lush and I intend to devour them.


Here’s the link if you fancy buying them, and also a code from me to you for a discount.

And my code;

Click my link to get 25% off your first order at BULK POWDERS™, home of award-winning Sports Supplements, high quality protein and health foods.

Here’s my link:

FYI they were delicious.

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