You’re not meant to like it. You’re just meant to do it ….

It’s been a busy week, I’m sat here about to update this and all I can do is grin at my latest purchase (OMFG) Let’s get this out of the way so I can focus..

Are you ready ?


Is this not a thing of beauty! Donuts & cactus money boxes! Wahhhhhhhh  A reason to save my precious pennies, and pretty. Seriously I’m in love.

Right, this addressed I feel we can get on with it. Today has been a pretty full day for work, the website under construction. Content being constantly added and clients smashing it! I’m really focused at the moment and feel I’m really making a headway with some of my goals.

The theme of today, well to be fair it’s something that I remind my clients of all the time.

“You’re not meant to like it, You’re just meant to do it”

I utter this mantra time and time again as I push them, much to their dismay and sometimes shock that I’m so brutally honest! Oh ha ha, this is something I have always been. I don’t find getting to a goal is easy if you bull**It them that it is! The evil eye darted in my direction mid burpee, with “Sod off Emma”

So with that in mind, I have put my big girl pants on and managed to cross 4, yes 4 jobs off my list.. Ha, screw you procrastination.

Thanks to this bad boy











“I  get shit done” possibly the best planner I have ever purchased, it keeps me on track and stops me from, well…procrastinating so much. So if you do anything this week, get this planner as it’s the Shizz



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