Can someone find me “another me”?

Just in from the longest day (pre-workout may be fuelling this post, be warned) Armed with my dinner, I-Pad blaring out PARRI$ and my notes from the day.


How many times do we wish we had another “me” ? I tell you what, I must wish this several times a week! After the longest meeting today about my son, and a much needed sports massage I am beat.

My son has Asperger’s and ADHD, No one can prepare you for adulthood and where they will end up. It’s a terrifying thought, and everyday, another meeting. It’s never-ending and no one can tell you or show you how to handle it, nor how to support the person with these conditions. God I’m making this sound morbid! it’s not all bad at all. It’s just hard work.

Everyday  I’m proud of him for getting this far, and everyday I have a word with myself and remind myself why I do this. Why does any parent? I mean it’s our job, even if it feels thankless at times.

Back to me walking in the door…


I have the answer to my day! Protein pancakes and Face Mask “Hurrah” and no not together ha ha. However both guaranteed to perk me up after a long day. Time to re-fuel and reflect, and plan the day ahead tomorrow.

Maybe, one day find another me, to help me do all the jobs I have to do.. but for now I’ll continue doing what I’ve always done, being the queen of procrastination and lists.

Off to enjoy my pancakes and soak in the bath with my face mask.





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