That Fri-YAY feeling

I mean we all do it, from the ” It’s nearly the weekend” and “Monday should be optional”

Why do we spend all of our time wishing the day’s away waiting in desperation for the WEEKEND (Arrrrrrrgh)  is life really that bad, that all you wish for is the weekend? I love my job, and I am lucky enough to have great friends and a partner that puts up with me (haha). But I’ve even done it, wished that Monday would be Friday and I was out celebrating with my friends…

My life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows,  I struggle with anxiety and ongoing life drama that turns me into the queen of procrastination from time-to-time. But, I do not spend Monday- Friday wishing only for the weekend anymore.. Why?

Because before you know it, you’re nearly 40, 6 months have passed and you realise you need to catch up with one of your squad. I mean, where did the time go?

FRI – NALLY you’re getting it



Whats wrong with enjoying life now?

Is life so bad you can’t appreciate any of the small moments of happiness you have day to day?

It’s hard to appreciate the good times when you skip past all the “YAY” moments because you’re always waiting for THE WEEKEND

So go do something you’ve been putting off, go and enjoy the week and take stock of what you appreciate day to day





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