Baby Sick & Emspired Fitness

So here I am, planning the future of Emspired Fitness. Armed with coffee, protein meal  and my “plan of action” you think I would be ready. No, all I can think about is the mountain of work ahead of me and the fact it’s the weekend and no training tomorrow I get to wash my hair (the simple pleasures).


With the new addition of the Mum and Baby class to my timetable wow, that’s really taken off. Well what a surprise that has been! I love it, and how it challenges me. Like the cup say’s “It’s tough to be an inspirational goddess all the fucking time” ha ha ha.

#Strongmum is really taking flight, and testing my knowledge. I’ve dodged a baby nearly being sick on me, a nappy leak and I’m apparently the “Baby whisperer” lies I tell you, all lies. It’s been an injection of passion that I needed at the right time.

With this injection of passion, I’m off to get some work done.

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